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Stanvac Japan - (1953-1960)
Hull and Beverley men feared lost in Arabian Sea

From : The Daily Mirror, date Monday October 20, 1958.

Hull and Beverley men feared lost in Arabian Sea

Vessel abandoned after whole of Midship blown off.


TWENTY MEN, INCLUDING SEVEN BRITISH, where killed when the british tanker Stanvac Japan (17.409 tons) blew up in the Arabian Sea about 160 miles South West of Karachi earfy today. The remaining 50 of the crew were saved, and are aboard the Panamese tanker, Patricia.
In the crew of the Stanvac Japan were Fourth-officer Leslie Michael Collier. of 75, Wilbert-Iane, Beverley, and appren-tice Antony Jones, of 222,  Wold-rd., Hull. Both are feared to be among the dead.
The Stanvac Japan is owned by Standard-Vacuum Transportation Company, Ltd. and is registered in London. Mr A. J. Veesey, the company's general manager in London, said. "The ship has been completely abandoned. She ia a dead ship and is making water in the engineroom."
A Hessle man. Junior second Engineer H. Crawford, of Ferriby-rd, was also in the crew.
Mr. Veesey added that the tanker's midshiphouse, invluding the bridge, was said to have been blown away.

First news of the disaster came in a Lloyd's message from Portishead radio. Which said that the Patricia had repor-ted that the "whole midships was blown off" and that she was standing by.

Indian cruiser leaves for the scene.

The dead include the master, the first, second, third and fourth officers, and two apprentices, all British.
The Japanese tanker Shinyo Maru, with a doctor aboard, is going to the scene.  An Indian cruiser has left Bombay with a doctor and nurses.
The Stanvac Japan, built in1953 a Nagasaki, Japan, was sailing in ballast to the Persian gulf to load crude oil. The Patricia was on her way from the Persian Gulf to discarge at Bombay.

Racing to scene

Tie company's ships, Stanvac Karachi about 100 miles from the scene and the Stanvac Sumatra, 530 miles away in the Gulf of Oman, have been ordered to speed to the assistance of their sister ship.
The Company named the following members of the crew.
The master, Capt. Norman Hanna, whose wife lives at Glen-rd, Old Ketpatrick, Dumbartshire.
Fiirst officer, Norman S. Freight, married, of Heathfarm-rd, Codsall, Wolverhampton.
Second officer, Gorden Allely, whose mother lives at Springfield-rd, Moseley, Birmingham.
Third officer, John McPhail Chrisholm, married, of Arberg-rd, Rothesay, Bute.
Fourth officer, Leslie Michael Collier, whose mother lives at Wilbert-lane, Beverley.
Apprentice Anthony Jones, whose stepfather, Mr. Sydney Hunt, lives at Wold-rd, Hull.
Apprentice James Roy Lind of Highway, Thornhill, Dumprieshire.

Hessle engineer

Other memebers of the crew are :
Second engineer L. Buchanan, whose mother lives at Menock-rd, Glasgow.
Junior second engineer H. Crawford, of Ferriby-rd, Hessle, Hull.
Fourth engineer F. Daniel, of Natal, South Africa.
Fifth engineer S. Martin, whose wife, Mrs. Notrma Martin, lives at Lynn-rd, North Shields.
Fifth engineer P. Williams, whose mother lives at Inchmarnock-st, Adamstown, Cardiff.
Fifth engineer E. Smidth, of Greencroft-ave, Walkergate, Newcastle on Tyne.
Fifth engineer J. Garrick, Trinity-terr, North Shields.

1,500,000 British Pound ship

The Stanvac Japan sailed from Bombay on October 18 en route to Ras Tanura. The Patricia is under time charter to the Standard-Vacuum Oil Company.
The total insured valeu of the Stanvac Japan is approximately 1,500,000 British Pound.