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Tankers (1910-1919)
Colonial Empire - (1917-1917)
"Colonial Empire" was build in 1902.
"Colonial Empire"
"Colonial Empire"
"Colonial Empire" wrecked on Thunder Bolt Reef, Delagoa Bay

"Colonial Empire" - 3.1902 - 2,436 GT
Built by John Reid & Co. Ltd., Port Glasgow, for George Duncan & Co.'s “Empire” Line.
Measurements: 302 feet length X 43 feet breadth.
Four-masted steel barque.
1908: (Cook & Dundas, London).
13.11.1915: Ashore on Cardinaux Rocks, near Belle Island (voyage: St Nazaire/Port Talbot-ballast). Refloated, but
1916: Registration closed.
1917: Re-registered, (H. & C. Grayson Ltd., Liverpool), then sold to Anglo-American.
17.9.1917: Foundered on a submerged rock on Thunder Bolt Reef, Delagoa Bay (cargo of kerosene and oil).

Colonial Empire
A four-masted steel barque built in 1902 by John Reed & Co., Whiteinch, Glasgow, Yard. No. 323.
Dimensions: 92,06×13,15×7,48 meters [302'1"×43'2"×24'7"] and tonnage: 2435 GRT and 2281 NRT.
The four-masted barque Schürbek was a close sistership.
Rigged in jubilee fashion, i.e. with nothing above double top- and top-gallant sails.
A close sistership to the four-masted barque Schürbek.
Equipped with a donkey steam engine.
One of the first ship to be equipped with bildge keels, these were nine inch high and 144 feet long.
The builder's [?] plans are preserved at the Museum of Transport, Glasgow.
1902 February 10
Launched at the shipyard of John Reed & Co., Whiteinch, Glasgow, for G. Duncan & Co., London.
In command of Captain David Watson late of the same owner's barque Indian Empire.
1902 April 2 - June 20
Sailed from Cardiff to Mauritius in 79 days with a cargo of coal.
1902 October 16 - November 23
Sailed from Newcastle, NSW, to Valparaiso with a cargo of 3730 tons of coal.
1903 March 17
Sailed from Iquique for Dunkerque and arrived to Falmouth 102 days out.
1903 September 11 -
Sailed from London to Cape Town in 69 days.
1904 February 10 - May 19
Sailed from Melbourne to Falmouth f.o. in 98 days with a cargo of 33.928 sacks of grain.
Captain James Simpson late of the same owner's ship Indian Empire.
Sold to Cook & Dundee, London.
Sold to H.M. Grayson, London.
1917 September 27
Wrecked on the Thunderbolt Reef in the Bay of Angola at Cape Recife.