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Tankers (1900-1909)
Navahoe - (1908-1930)
"Navahoe" build in 1908, at Hull from Frisco towed by the tanker "Iroquois".
Photo of a painting by Frank H. Mason.
Showing the problems of towing in the North Atlantic, when the "Navahoe" was broken adrift, from the "Iroquois", in a strom.

"Navahoe" - 1908 - 7.718 GT
Built by Harland & Wolff Ltd., Belfast.
Measurements : 450 feet lenght x 58 feet breadth. A six-masted barge.
9.1930: (Creole Petroleum Co.).
28.6.1936: Scuttled, 50 miles north of Dragons Mouth,Trinidad.