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Tankers (1940-1949)
Esso Suwanee - (1946-1960)
"Esso Suwanee".
"Esso Suwanee".
"Esso Suwanee".
"Esso Suwanee".
"Esso Suwanee" in the Menai Straits with the Islet of Gorad Goch and Anglesey coast in the background.
Launched as "Empire Garnet" in 1941, but completed as "Emire Lad". Build by Rowhedge Ironworks Ltd., Rowhedge.
Sold to Anglo American Oil Co., in 1946, renamed as "Esso Suwanee".
Sold to Holland, P.L. den Breejen in 1960.
1960-1963 Laid up, after an attemp to rebuild it as a hopper, but it failed.
1963 converted to Dry Cargo (331 GT), renamed "U.S.A. (Cia Comercio Nav. Alpes, Panama.
1966 "Pejerey" (Antco S.A., Panama)
1966 "Esterel" (Antco S.A., Panama)
1968 "Westerend" (Colombo Shipping Co, Panama)
1970 "Sunrise" (Albina S.A., Panama)
1971 "Grace" (Albina S.A., Panama)
1975 "San Liberal" (C. Dagedakis, Greece)
1977 "Kleopatra"( E.& G. Kottis, Greece)
1998 "Grigorios K", Honduras (and still in service! [2004])
As "Empire Lad", 1941-1946.
As "U.S.A.".
As "U.S.A.".
As "Esterel".
As "Westerend".
Finally as "Kleopatra".