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Esso Greenwich (Tug) - (1953-1966)
"Esso Greenwich", Motor tug, heading downstream through the London bridges with five barges in tow.
"Esso Greenwich", on a foggy day.
"Esso Greenwich".

Build in 1953 by W.J. Yarwood & Sons, Northwich, Cheshire, as "Silvergilt".
Measurements: Lenght 76 Feet (oa), 19 feet 6 inches breadth, 77 Gross tons.
Crossley diesel engine, 10 knots.
2-1953 Delivered to Esso Petroleum Co Ltd., London. Named "Esso Greenwich".
1966 sold as "Silvergilt", (Silvertown Services Ltd.)
1971 "Kitava", (J.P. Knight Ltd, Rochester)
1973 (H. Pounds, Portsmouth). Laid up.
1978 "Metrec", (Metrec Ltd., Newhaven). Re-engined and rebuilt.
Sistership is "Esso Reading", 1954.

Additional information :

Esso Greenwich - 1953
Registered: LR56-57:59401 /LR60-61:60220
(GBR)ON 185851 /(GRC)ON 2784
77 GRT, (75'0"x19'8"x8'3.1/2")
1 scr, diesel 2tew 5cyl Crossley, 550bhp-634kW

1953: Built by "W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd" at Northwich (GBR) (YN 879)
1953 -xx/02: delivered to "Esso Petroleum Co Ltd" at London (GBR)
        (GBR flag, regd London, ON 185851)
1966: To "Silvertown Services Lighterage Ltd" at London (GBR), renamed SILVERGILT
1971: To "J.P. Knight (Rochester) Ltd" at Rochester (GBR), renamed KITAVA
1978: To "Metal Recoveries (Metrec) (Orkney) Ltd" at Newhaven (GBR), renamed METREC
19xx: To "Pounds Shipowners" at Portsmouth (GBR)
1980: To "Pagasitikos Shipping Co" at Piraeus, mng Pantelis Kovoulis at Volos (GRC), renamed LACON
        (GRC flag, regd Piraeus, ON 2784, c/s SV6219, 71 GRT, 32 NRT)
2005: still listed.