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Tankers (1910-1919)
Mimosa - (1915-1915)
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Mimosa - 1905  built  05.1905      3,466 GRT
Built by Short Bros., Sunderland, for Mimosa Steam Shipping Co. Ltd. (T. Stephens & Sons).
Measurements: 352 feet length x 45 feet breadth.
1915: (Anglo-American Oil Co.).
04.09.1915: Captured and sunk by submarine U.33,137 miles SW of Fastnet, 49.40 N / 12.00 W
(voyage: New York/ Belfast and Liverpool - 20,000 barrels of oil).

The crew took to the lifeboats and the Captain of U.33 told the Mimosa's Captain hè would inform the first trawler hè saw
of their plight. However, after six hours they were picked up, in a strange coincidence, by another Anglo-American tanker, the
outwardbound Comanchee. In the morning of 6th September, they met up with the steamer Norseman, the crew transshipped,
were landed at St Nazaire and later returned to Britain.

Additional Info by Starke & Schell Registers :
MIMOSA - 1905    BR          1T     (11½*)
3,466 GRT for Mimosa Stm. Sg. Co., Ltd. & Wilhelmina SS. Co., Ltd. (T. Stephens & Sons, Ltd.), London   352.4 x 45.2
Cargo built by Short Bros., Ltd., Sunderland     (5)     #322  120531
1913 - Mimosa Steam Shipping Co., Ltd. (s/m)
1915 - Anglo-American Oil Co., Ltd., Liverpool
Captured and scuttled with explosives, gunfire & torpedo by U 33, 4 Sep 1915, 137 miles SW by W of the Fastnet,
voyage New York - Belfast & Liverpool, oil in drums.