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British Mexican Petroleum Co., Ltd.
Bunkering barges
The British Mexican bunkering barges were uniform in size and were all built by Harland and Wolff Ltd., six at Belfast
and five at Govan. They were intended for port work and designed to carry 800 tons of fuel oil in three large tanks
amidships. They were not self-propelled, but were equipped with a boiler and pumping machinery for the rapid
discharge of the oil. There was a tall funnel aft. Of those built at Belfast, four were towed across the Irish Sea to
Southampton for the fuelling of liners, which were then converting to oil-burning in increasing numbers.
Most of the vessels remained in service, in various locations, for more than forty years before being disposed of.
Details: 160 feet length overall (including rudder)/155 feet x 36 feet breadth X 11.5 feet depth. 475 gt. Single deck.