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British Mexican Petroleum Co., Ltd.
Britmex No. 10 - (1920-1938)
Dumb oil barge - "Britmex No 10" - Built 1921, Govan. Originally based on the Clyde.
"BRITMEX No 10" (475 grt) was based at Fleetwood until 1949.
The bunker barge was filled with fuel oil by coastal tankers from Heysham about once
a month.
( Photo thanks to Nick B. )

Britmex No. 10 - 1920

Completed : 3.1921,Govan
Originally based on the Clyde.
1938: (Anglo-American Oil Co.).
12.1966: Sold (J. Harker Ltd., Knottingley) and 1967: Deck-mounted Schottel outboard engine fitted,
renamed Springdale H. Based on River Mersey.