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Tankers (1900-1909)
Jutepolis - (1900-1911)
No photo available, anyone ??

A four-masted steel barque built in 1891 by W.B. Thompson & Co. Dundee, as yard no. 107.
Dimensions 94,48×13,71×7,64 meters [310'0"×45'0"×25'1"] and tonnage 2842 GRT and 2652 NRT.
Rigged with with nothing over double topgallant sails.
1891 December 3
Launched at the shipyard of W.B. Thompson & Co., Dundee, for C. Barrie, Dundee.
Assigned the British Official No. 99207.
Sold to Jutepolis Sailing Ship Co. Ltd (F.E. Bliss manager), London, together with Lawhill for £ 39.000.
Transferred to Anglo-American Oil Co., London.
Sold to George Windram & Son, Liverpool, for £ 6500.
Sold to Marine Navigation Co. of Canada Ltd. (Sir William Garthwaite manager), London.
Renamed Garthpool.
Registered in Montreal but still flying the British flag.
1927 October 13 — January 13
Sailed from Dublin to Adelaide in 92 days.
1929 November 11
Wrecked at Boavista, Cape Verde Islands, on voyage from Hull to Adelaide in ballast.