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Gross tons
Esso Tenby
Esso Invemess
Esso Penzance

These three coasters, built by Appledore Shipbuilders Ltd., were sisterships, all with the same measurements of 299 feet (loa) and 42 feet breadth, yet each was designed to carry a different cargo. The Esso Tenby was for the transport of the heavier "black oils" to electricity generating stations, Esso Penzance was for kerosene, petrol and some lubricating oils and Esso Invemess for dean refined products.
The ships were fitted with bow and stem thrusters, at the time a recent development, which enabled them to leave a berth and manoeuvre without other assistance. They were planned to run from Fawley and Milford Haven with cargoes direct to one port and no offloading at wayports. Carrying capacity was 13,400 tdw and oil engines gave 13 knots.

Gross tons
Esso Mersey
Esso Clyde
Esso Sevem

These larger ships were built by Cammell Laird and Company Ltd. at Birkenhead. Length oa was 544 feet 9 inches, breadth 72 feet 6 inches and deadweight capacity 20,400 tons. Engines - oil. Speed 15 knots.

Esso Plymouth, 9.1980, 1,421 GRT,  Built by Cochrane Shipbuilders Ltd., Selby.
Measurements: 230 feet (loa) x 39 feet 7 inches breadth. Engines: Oil. 11 1/2  knots. 2160 tdw.

Esso Avon,1981, 1,599 GRT, Built by Nieuwe Nederlandsche Scheepswerven B.V.,Groningen.
Measurements: 298 feet 7 inches (loa) X 42 feet 8 inchesbreadth. Engines: Oil.
An asphalt carrier, 3,266 tdw.

Esso Tyne,1968,13,228 GRT Built for Esso Transport & Tanker Co. Inc., Panama as Esso Kobe.
1975: (Esso Tankers Inc. (Panama flag)).
1982: Esso Tyne.
1984: Franco D'Alesio (G. D'Alesio, Leghorn).

Esso Humber, 1969, 12,824 GRT Built for Esso Transport Co. Inc., Panama, as Esso Penang.
1975: (Esso Tankers Inc. (Panama flag)).
1978: Esso Humber.
6.1986; Marsud Seconda (Marsud SpA, Bari, Italy).

Esso Tees, 1970, 13,154 GRT Built for Esso Tankers Inc. (Liberian flag) as Esso Bataan.
1983: Esso Tees.
These three ships were part of a large Esso group order awarded to Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Company Ltd., Kure, in 1967 for fourteen products tankers. The ships were designed with twenty-seven cargo tanks to carry nine varieties of petroleum byproducts at the same time. Their capacity is 21,000 tdw. Oil engines. 14 1/2 knots.
Measurements: 557 feet 9 inches (loa including bulbous bow) and 77 feet breadth.