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Esso Parkgate (Small tanker) - (1955-1970)
See also : Parkgate (Small tanker) - (1925-1955)

The "Dracone", an expirimental flexible barge, filled wllh 40 tons of kerosene; the "Esso Parkgate", a
small conventional tanker of the same capacity, is lying in the background. A pressure wave from the
mans feet can be seen spreading through the flexible skin of the "Dracone".

Distribution tanker (barge), for service in Southampton Water, carrying oil in portable tanks,
was built in 1925, by W.J. Yarmouth & Sons, Nortwich.
Tonnage: 24 Nrt, 43 Grt, 54 Brt.
Dimensions, 71' x 14' 1" x 5'.
Parafin engine.
1955 renamed "Esso Parkgate"
1970 sold as "Parkstan" ( Southern Tanker & Bunkering Co. )
1975 sold as "Boshan" ( Bowker & King Ltd., London )
1985 Scrapped.