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Esso Cardiff (2) - (1963-1983)
Building & Launch "Esso Cardiff (2)"
All photos thanks to NDSM-Werfmuseum

TT Esso Cardiff
Tanker, Yardnumber 498, 1962.
Client : Esso Petroleum Company Ltd. Londen, UK.
Dimensions : 214.88 x 31.09 x 15.29 meter.
Propulsion : NDSM/Pametrada 2 stage turbines
Launch from way 5 on September 11th 1962, christening by Mrs. Johnson,
wife of Mr. L.B. Johnson director of the Esso Petroleum Company Ltd. Londen.
Flowergirl was Hendrina Lof.
Present were the Lord Major of Cardiff and Mayoresse of Cardiff.
The delivery took place on May 3rd 1963.
Arrived on Ulsan, South Korea, October 10th, 1983 for demolition.
Invitation for the launch of the "Esso Cardiff", September 11 th, 1962.
Music Parade.
"Esso Cardiff" on way 5.
"Esso Cardiff" glides into the water.
"Esso Cardiff" at the yard of the Nederlandse Droogdok Scheepsbouw Maatschappij, Amsterdam.
Attendees received a wall plate.
"Esso Cardiff" at the outfitting pier.
"Esso Cardiff" in service.
All photos thanks to NDSM-Werfmuseum